The Pleiades Ensemble

Jazz Septet from Tampa Bay

We are a septet consisting of string quartet and jazz piano trio. This ensemble is an all-inclusive group of musicians contributing to our musical performances. All have an important voice in each composition which makes for an exciting evening of music.

A Night of Legends


A Night of Legends


I’ve always wanted to write for piano trio and string quartet. It is my intention to write for this type of ensemble as an all-inclusive sound. The seven musicians have a shared responsibility in presenting the music I have written. Other ensembles of this type present a jazz group with strings only in a supportive role.

In this group, all the musicians are responsible for contributing to the jazz and parts playing. I have been fortunate to have six other like-minded musicians to bring about this unique and wonderful concept called The Pleiades Ensemble.

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Track Listing:

  1. Atlas Doesn't Shrug
  2. London in the Night
  3. Rue 19
  4. The Song that Got Away
  5. A Night of Legends
  6. Sometimes You Have to Say Goodbye